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Bali Tour Activities

Bali is a wonderful, enchanting jewel of paradise island in Indonesia, need no introduction, tourists have been visiting the island of Bali since 1920′s. They heard of the fabulous attractions of the island by world of mouth and they come looking for beauty and peace of mind, enjoying its virgin palm-fingered beaches, green paddies and towering mountains.

You can have the opportunity of experiencing the wonders of this enchating island. You can find tours to help you make the most of your visit to Bali. The chances are you will surrender completely to the spell of this magical island of Bali.

Besakih temple

Besakih is Bali’s major temple build up on the slopes of the highest mountain of Mount Agung. It is most enjoyable during one of the frequent festivals, when hundreds of Hindu Balinese come to pry at this temple, gorgeously adorned with beautifully arranged offering. En route drive down the scenic east coast, with visits to Goa Lawah (Bat cave) and the old Court of Justice at Klungkung.


Karangasem was partly destroyed by the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963. On the way, we will visit artisan’ village (Celuk, Mas, and Ubud). We will continue to visit one of the best Besakih temple built up on slove of mount Agung at Karangasem Region then continued to drive and pass through the vast scenery of rice field and stop at local Restaurant for Lunch (on your own account). Then the trip continued passing the snake skin fruit farm, then Tirtagangga (the rest house with its bathing pool of the latest King of Karangasem), then visiting the Bali Age village of Tenganan with the uniqueness of the village layout and the hand woven activities of the Ikat cloth. Further stops will be at Goa Lawah Temple (bat cave) located along the coast and the salt refinery at Kusamba Village near to the cave and Klungkung with its Kertagosa (justice hall) before we will get back to the hotel


The most popular temple located on the spectacular rocky cliff, well known and photographed place in Bali. It is magnify, so much smoothly illuminated on day light of the sun dawn or profiled at dark. It is very touristy with the group visitors, especially in the sunset time, in here also we can find the wild monkey a long the cliff near the sacred holy temple.

Kecak Fire Dance

The Kecak, Trance and Fire dance are performed at sunset in the small village of Batubulan. The Kecak dance also called Monkey dance tells a story from the Ramayana epicc. This is an epic folk tale that is very common in the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia. I is without the usual gambelan orchestral accompaniment. Instead there is a 100 strong male 'choir' who chant, shout, sway and move about – it’s very eerie and mesmerising. The next dance has the same kecak choir accompanying two beautiful small girls in a trance. The last performance is the fire dance, where an entranced man on a wooden 'horse' runs through hot ashes from burning coconut husks with bare feet, also accompanied by the kecak choir.

Sukawati Market

Sukawati Market is known for its art market that become 'a must see' place by tourists. Huge number of small stalls occupied the two stories building offer a lot of cheap souvenirs. Almost any kind of Bali's souvenirs can be found in here either painting, woodcarving, clothes, temple umbrellas and other temple accessories, leather puppet, wind chime, jewelleries and others. You may need to prepare a list of souvenirs that you want to bring back home since you may be stuck in a confusion situation of too overwhelmed by the huge quantity of souvenirs and finally going home with nothing to bring.

Two hundred metres toward west from the Sukawati Art Market, on the right side of the road, there is another market called 'Pasar Seni Pagi' - the 'Morning Market' which only open very early in the morning until around 7 AM. The crowd of souvenirs retailers from other part of Bali will come here to get semi-finished product with a very low price.

Many of Bali’s most established puppeteers live in Sukawati. In line with this fact, Sukawati is also the center of Shadow puppets production center.


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